Saturday, 1 September 2007


Everyone is familiar with the terms 'bitches' and 'bastards', but until quite recently I hadn't realized just how indicative of an alpha/omega dichotomy they are, whether on the noumenal basis of diabolic and divine or, lower down, on the phenomenal basis of feminine and masculine - a sort of ethereal/corporeal distinction between the diabolic and divine 'above' (noumenal) and the feminine and masculine 'below' (phenomenal). Be that as it may I don't believe bitches and bastards 'hang together', like two aspects of the same sensual, or alpha-stemming, coin. For my philosophy has taught me that metachemistry and antimetaphysics 'hang together' at the northwest point of the intercardinal axial compass, so to speak, and that means that you don't have God and the Devil there but, on the contrary, Devil and Antigod, or Devil the Mother (hyped as God the Father) and the Antison of Antigod ('done down' as the Devil), to take the freely somatic (as opposed to bound psychic) aspects and terminological parallels of these two contexts, contexts corresponding, it will not be forgotten, to metachemistry and antimetaphysics, that is, to heat and antilight, to protons and antiphotons, to space and antitime, to Vanity Fair and Anti-Celestial City, to .... well, why not bitches and antibastards? For that is precisely the point I am making. It is not the proverbial 'bastard' that is ruled by 'the bitch' but, on the contrary, 'the antibastard', the lover-boy or mummies-boy or anti-rightist common type who knows, in his heart of hearts, that 'bastards' are right-wing, or sensibly removed from his own sensuality (or antisensibility) across the axial divide that divides the metachemical and antimetaphysical from the metaphysical and antimetachemical or, 'down below', the chemical and antiphysical from the physical and antichemical. Therefore 'the antibastard' does not like 'bastards', whether physical (and Christian) or metaphysical (and Superchristian). But which is worse - a world ruled by bitches (in which 'antibastards' have their subordinate positions corresponding to antimetaphysics and/or antiphysics) or a world lead by bastards (in which 'antibitches' have their subordinate positions corresponding to antimetachemistry and/or antichemistry)? I don't have any doubt as to the answer to that almost rhetorical question. The world ruled by bitches is fundamentally naturalistic and hence barbarous and philistine in its sensual bias; the world led by bastards, on the other hand, is essentially nurturalistic, as it were, and hence civil and cultural in its bias towards sensibility. The former is the basis out of which the latter emerges - precisely as civilization. Call me a bastard if you will, but just remember what the alternative to living under bastards is! If you are a son-of-a-bitch then you are not a bastard, neither physical (and phenomenal) nor metaphysical (and noumenal), but either an antiphysical subordinate of a chemical bitch or an antimetaphysical subordinate of a metachemical bitch, the former femine and the latter diabolic. Being an 'antibastard' isn't as cool as some people think but rather someone who, by allowing himself to be dominated by bitches, effectively acquiesces in the two worst of all possible worlds - the noumenal world ruled by metachemistry and/or the phenomenal world ruled by chemistry, the former superheathen (and anti-superchristian), the latter heathen (and antichristian). Of course, in axial terms the one is no less incompatible with the other than are the Christian and Superchristian worlds with each other, since what appertains to the northwest point of the intercardinal axial compass is polar to what appertains to its southeast point and therefore axially incompatible with the polarity between the southwest and northeast points of the said compass, the fomer polarity constitutive of state-hegemonic/church-subordinate axial criteria, the latter of church-hegemonic/state-subordinate axial criteria. That, however, is another subject, so I won't belabour the point here. Suffice it to say that the only bitches and bastards that are truly incompatible are those across the axial divide that divides the noumenal northwest from the northeast and the phenomenal southwest from the southeast. For society cannot be ruled by bitches and led by bastards at the same time. Only on inter-class terms is there any compromise, as in relation to a given axis, but then the noumenal bitches tend to overrule the leadership of the phenomenal bastards on the one axis, while the phenomenal bitches tend to be overruled by the noumenal bastards on the other axis. Make sense? It does to me at any rate.