The Ethnic Universality Quartet

The Centretruths eBook Catalogue

The Maximum Omega Quartet

Black Sabbaticals

The Maximum Truth Quartet

The Omega Quartet

In Disguise

A Trilogy Transcendent

Tales Side Up

Two Sides of the Same Coin

Flopsided Conversations

Lopsided Conversations - Collected Dialogues Vol.1

A Truthful Approach to Knowledge

A Knowledgeable Approach to Truth

Dawn of the Life

In the Shadow of Spengler

A Magnanimous Offer

Dosshouse Blues

The Black Notebooks


Stations of the Supercross

Atoms and Pseudo-Atoms in Subatomic Perspective

The Fourfold Composition of Elements and pseudo-Elements in Axial Perspective

Christmas in the Doghouse

Reservations in Orange and Green



Philosophic Flights of Poetic Fancy

Ahead in the Clouds

From Superfluous Man to Superman

Musings of a Superfluous Man

Insane But Not Mad

Bold and Eclectic

The Centre of Truth

The Best of All Possible Worlds

Beyond Truth and Illusion

Philosophical Ruminations & Theosophical Illuminations

Yang and Anti-Yin

The Dialectics of Civilization

The Dialectics of Synthetic Attraction

Father Omega's Last Testament

Judgemental Afterthoughts

Revelationary Afterthoughts

The Free Testament

The Last Judgement

Stairway to Judgement